V. I. Golik, Yu. I. Razorenov, Chang Zhong
2018 Mining science and technology  
Relevance. Method of underground leaching of metals can be modified are lost to traditional technology stocks, but the processes of leaching still produced no comprehensive records of natural and anthropogenic factors, so the results of the use of technology does not always live up to their expectations, which prevents the expansion of the boundaries of its application. Therefore, the development of scientific bases and perfection of technology of leaching of metals from ores reveal are the
more » ... reveal are the very important task of the mining industry.Research methods include analysis of the theory and practice of industrial metal leaching study of the effectiveness of modernization of existing situation and elaboration of recommendations to increase the scope of this innovative technology.Results. The analysis of the main processes of underground leaching of metals. Describes the experience of the industrial leaching for example, the metal mines of Russia and Kazakhstan. Highlighted the need for combining in-situ leaching of poor and off-balance ores with the traditional exploitation of rich ores and the balance sheet at the present stage of mining. The described method of control of the completeness of leaching by opening the workings. Marked experience in the application of vacuum drainage systems for productive solutions. Detailed methods of forming the compensation space and the intensification of leaching of blast and other ways. Describes the role of hydraulic fracturing of rocks, injection of destroyed rock solid compositions and fine-grained inert materials in the process of irrigation ores.Conclusions. The combination of the technologies of the poor and leaching off-balance ore with the traditional exploitation of rich ores and the balance at the stages of mining production comprehensively improves their environmental and economic efficiency by using optimal combining methods of preparation and technological parameters, which will allow in-situ leaching to occupy a priority position in the extraction of ores reveal.
doi:10.17073/2500-0632-2017-4-13-19 fatcat:gyxazke2vnez5cxet44juovczu