Monitoring surface structure and interfacial properties via second harmonic generation

J. M. Robinson, H. M. Rojhantalab, V. L. Shannon, D. A. Koos, G. L. Richmond
1987 Pure and Applied Chemistry  
Several studies are presented which demonstrate the application of SHG to the study of interfaces. Results are reported for experiments correlating the 511 signal from the electrochemical silver/aqueous electrolyte junction with the electrostatics of the interface as simultaneously monitored by differential capacitance. For related studies, in situ measurements of the surface morphology and structural symmetry of immersed Ag(111) surfaces are presented. The third set of experiments examines the
more » ... surface SHG from several technologically important semiconducting chalcogenide materials under ambient conditions.
doi:10.1351/pac198759101263 fatcat:vzr7f2gev5ca3gyjg4zrb4b2ky