Racquet Sports Recognition Using a Hybrid Clustering Model Learned from Integrated Wearable Sensor

Kun Xia, Hanyu Wang, Menghan Xu, Zheng Li, Sheng He, Yusong Tang
2020 Sensors  
Racquet sports can provide positive benefits for human healthcare. A reliable detection device that can effectively distinguish movement with similar sub-features is therefore needed. In this paper, a racquet sports recognition wristband system and a multilayer hybrid clustering model are proposed to achieve reliable activity recognition and perform number counting. Additionally, a Bluetooth mesh network enables communication between a phone and wristband, and sets-up the connection between
more » ... nection between multiple devices. This allows users to track their exercise through the phone and share information with other players and referees. Considering the complexity of the classification algorithm and the user-friendliness of the measurement system, the improved multi-layer hybrid clustering model applies three-level K-means clustering to optimize feature extraction and segmentation and then uses the density-based spatial clustering of applications with noise (DBSCAN) algorithm to determine the feature center of different movements. The model can identify unlabeled and noisy data without data calibration and is suitable for smartwatches to recognize multiple racquet sports. The proposed system shows better recognition results and is verified in practical experiments.
doi:10.3390/s20061638 pmid:32183426 fatcat:nq5r54necbgplcmpposemv4agu