Vibrating Wire Measurements for the XiPAF Permanent Magnet Quadrupoles

Baichuan Wang, Changtong Du, Mengtong Qiu, Xuewu Wang, Zhongming Wang, Lin Wu, Qingzi Xing, Shu-Xin Zheng, Schaa, Volker RW (Ed.), Petit-Jean-Genaz, Christine (Ed.), Kim, Dong Eon (Ed.), Kim, Kyung Sook (Ed.) (+1 others)
Vibrating wire technique is a promising measure-ment method for small-aperture Permanent Magnet Quadrupoles (PMQs) in linear accelerators and scan-ning nuclear microprobes. In this paper, we describe the improved vibrating wire setup for measuring an individual PMQ with the minimum aperture of several millimeters. This setup is aiming at measuring the magnetic center. The advantage of this setup is that any mechanical measurement on the wire, which may be the main error source, is avoided.
more » ... e, is avoided. Experiments of the 20 mm-aperture Halbach-type PMQs for Xi'an Proton Application Facility (XiPAF) DTL has been carried out. The research results of the magnetic center measurements show a precision of about 10 μm and robustness against the background magnetic field. Results of the magnetic center and field multipoles measurements agree with the ones obtained from the rotating coil.
doi:10.18429/jacow-ipac2016-tupmb009 fatcat:g2amomsyrrffnojlplb4yrpdly