Lippo di Dalmasio: "Assai valente pittore." Flavio Boggi and Robert Gibbs. Bologna: Bononia University Press, 2013. 212 pp. €60

Laura Jacobus
2015 Renaissance Quarterly  
Lippo di Dalmasio, it is fair to say, is not a well-known painter. Active c.1370-1410, he exists on the periphery of art historians' vision as a Bolognese artist who also worked in Pistoia. The authors have rescued him from the obscurity in which he normally languishes and have produced the first monograph and catalogue raisonnée of his work. They did so first in English in The Life and Career of Lippo di Dalmasio (2010), and now in Italian, in a publication as beautifully-produced as the
more » ... oduced as the English version was not. Now their main text can be read in conjunction with excellent colour images, supplemented by black-and-white illustrations in the catalogue section of the book. This clarity and attractiveness has been gained at the cost of relegating references to the ends of each chapter. In such a dense text (sometimes as many as three endnotes to a sentence) this may be frustrating to scholars wishing to engage with historiographic minutiae, but it is a kindness to readers who wish primarily to discover Lippo's work and perhaps test the authors' attributions against the visual evidence. In other respects, the Italian version of the book is a straightforward translation of the English, with only minor updates.
doi:10.1086/685138 fatcat:cwdb2zqasvgnpbzcxvxchle3mu