Polymeric Transducers: An Inkjet Printed B-Field Sensor with Resistive Readout Strategy

Bruno Andò, Salvatore Baglio, Ruben Crispino, Vincenzo Marletta
2019 Sensors  
Magnetic field sensors are successfully used in numerous application contexts such as position sensing, speed detection, current detection, contactless switches, vehicle detection, and electronic compasses. In this paper, an inkjet printed magnetic sensor, based on the magneto-mechanical sensing principle, is presented together with a physical model describing its physical behavior and experimental results. The main novelties of the proposed solution consist of its low cost, rapid prototyping
more » ... rapid prototyping (printing and drying time), disposability, and in the use of a commercial low-cost printer. A measurement survey has been carried out by investigating magnetic fields belonging to the range 0–27 mT and for different values of the excitation current forced in the actuation coil. Experimental results demonstrate the suitability of both the proposed sensing strategy and model developed. In particular, in the case of an excitation current of 100 mA, the device responsivity and resolution are 3700 µε/T and 0.458 mT, respectively.
doi:10.3390/s19235318 pmid:31816874 fatcat:rnb527bb3bhzxdurpmpf55x5k4