Normally-off GaN transistors for power applications [article]

O. Hilt, E. Bahat-Treidel, F. Brunner, A. Knauer, R. Zhytnytska, P. Kotara, J. Wuerfl, University, My, University, My
Normally-off high voltage GaN-HFETs for switching applications are presented. Normally-off operation with threshold voltages of 1 V and more and with 5 V gate swing has been obtained by using p-type GaN as gate. Different GaN-based buffer types using doping and backside potential barriers have been used to obtain blocking strengths up to 1000 V. The increase of the dynamic on-state resistance is analyzed for the different buffer types. The best trade-off between low dispersion and high blocking
more » ... n and high blocking strength was obtained for a modified carbon-doped GaN-buffer that showed a 2.6x increase of the dynamic on-state resistance for 500 V switching as compared to switching from 20 V off-state drain bias. Device operation up to 200 °C ambient temperature without any threshold voltage shift is demonstrated.
doi:10.34657/1591 fatcat:eg5jbevv2zf7fcvszaukytknpm