Retrospective Review of Pediatric Thyroid Eye Disease Cases Referred to Nicklaus Children's Hospital

Moises Enghelberg, Alice Wong, Zenia P. Aguilera, Roberto Warman
2018 Vision Pan-America  
Purpose: We evaluate presenting features of pediatric thyroid eye disease, and discuss the morbidity and clinical course of this condition in the pediatric population. Methods: A retrospective chart review of 11 patients referred for evaluation of thyroid eye disease at a pediatric tertiary care facility in Miami, Florida.Results: The average age at presentation was 12.7 years. The most common ocular complaint was mild irritation. Patients tended to be positive for thyroid stimulating
more » ... imulating immunoglobulin and thyroid peroxidase antibody. The average displacement on Hertel exophthalmometry was 21mm for the right eye, and 21.45mm for the left eye. Lower scleral show was the most common eyelid finding. Conclusion: In contrast to thyroid eye disease in adults, the condition tends to present with mild ocular findings in children. Pediatric patients presenting with thyroid eye disease respond very well to medical therapy aimed at enhancing the altered ocular surface.
doi:10.15234/vpa.v17i3.478 fatcat:jamtuywaljakxojbob32gcoml4