Comparative primate neuroimaging: insights into human brain evolution

James K. Rilling
2014 Trends in Cognitive Sciences  
Review Glossary Allometry: study of how one part of an organism grows either in relation to the whole organism or to some other part. Many allometric relationships are well described by the equation Y = bX a , where a is the allometry exponent. When a = 1, the relationship is linear. When a > 1, increases in Y outpace increases in X and the relationship is positively allometric. When a < 1, increases in Y do not keep pace with increases in X and the relationship is negatively allometric.
more » ... : living and extinct members of the human lineage after the split from chimpanzees. Homology: correspondence between species due to a common evolutionary origin. Voxel: the smallest volumetric element of a brain image, analogous to a pixel, but with the added dimension of depth. 1364-6613/$ -see front matter ß
doi:10.1016/j.tics.2013.09.013 pmid:24501779 fatcat:gpgvmnrnnfbxpjfqey7jtgwmba