Socioeconomic challenges and its inhabitable global illuminations

Rudrarup Gupta
2017 SocioEconomic Challenges  
This regimented Earth has an ubiquitous sagacity and it largely depends upon the generous people, who do lead this wide-ranging globe in a befitting manner. But all the countries are not extremely developed in this massive Earth. Some are truly developing in deed. Moreover, those countries do not have the civilized infrastructure so far. In other words, they do not have the destined educational backbone due to limited net work and some inappropriate movements, respectively. That is the reason
more » ... hat is the reason why they are in the mouth of unavoidable socioeconomic challenges since long. Besides their societal sustainability are being gradually uncertain and they are coming below a poverty line. They depend on the natural resources. Otherwise, they do not have the promising options to maintain their social momentum as a hole. Moreover, social fund strikes all those environmental issues along with a massive environmental need. Therefore, both social fund and the needful agricultural development might restrict the socioeconomic issues and, on the contrary, it might ensure the national gravity of a country to make it developed from the perspective of enriching infrastructure and handsome economic affluence, respectively.
doi:10.21272/sec.2017.1-10 fatcat:u3ojbk5lujduzpwgmbcgneuka4