Bioactive compounds and antioxidant activity analysis during orange vinegar production

Cristina Verónica DAVIES, Liliana Mabel GERARD, María Mercedes FERREYRA, María del Carmen SCHVAB, Carina Alejandra SOLDA
2017 Food Science and Technology  
Citrus fruits are significant sources of bioactive compounds, such as ascorbic acid, polyphenols and carotenoids, due to their antioxidant properties important for human nutrition. In addition, since oranges possess high sugar content (8-15%), making vinegars from alcoholic orange substrates, with functional characteristics is a possible development of novel products. The aim of this research work was to analyze changes in ascorbic acid, total phenolics, total carotenoids and antioxidant
more » ... antioxidant activity during orange vinegar processing. In order to analyze the influence of acetification and aging in these characteristics, samples were taken in three stages: orange alcoholic substrate for acetification (SNA), young orange vinegar or recently obtained (Vn0) and orange vinegar after six month-aging in bottles (Vn6). Statistically significant differences (p < 0.05) were found among bioactive compounds concentrations; antioxidant activity decreased along the process, but total phenolics and carotenoids remained constant during aging period (Vn0-Vn6). The highest reduction was recorded during the acetification stage, possibly due to components oxidation caused by continuous air flow to the system. A higher contribution (p < 0.05) to antioxidant activity was associated to ascorbic acid and phenolic compounds concentration.
doi:10.1590/1678-457x.20816 fatcat:272dpqsburhz7avk5voua64xse