Fungi of the genus Trichosporon isolated from the skin in hospitalized patients

Maria Dynowska, Anna Biedunkiewicz, Elżbieta Ejdys, Ewa Sucharzewska, Małgorzata Rosłan
2013 Acta Mycologica  
Fungi of the genus Trichosporon are widespread in the biosphere and are a frequent component of the skin mycobiota. They are opportunistic organisms that adopt a commensal lifestyle on the skin in healthy humans but can cause pathological changes (trichosporonosis) of various intensity and range in immunocompromised persons. The species recorded in our study (T. asahii, T. capitatum, T. cutaneum, T. inkin, T. pullulans) are potential anthropopathogens. T. asahii, T. cutaneum and T. inkin are
more » ... and T. inkin are classed as BSL-2 in the biosafety classifi cation.
doi:10.5586/am.2013.017 fatcat:p37fdyl7yjbupdbz7peuytsl4q