Fractography and Porosity Analysis of Cr and Cr-Mo PM Steels

P. Kulecki, E. Lichańska, A. Radziszewska, M. Sułowski
2016 Archives of Metallurgy and Materials  
The aim of the study was to evaluate the effect of processing variables on the porosity and fractography of Cr and Cr-Mo PM steels. The measurements were performed on sintered steels made from commercial Höganäs pre-alloyed powders: Astaloy CrA, Astaloy CrL and Astaloy CrM with two different carbon concentrations (0.2% and 0.6%) added in the form of ultra fine graphite powder grade C-UF. Following mixing in Turbula mixer for 30 minutes, green compacts were single-action pressed at 660 MPa
more » ... ed at 660 MPa according to PN-EN ISO 2740 standard. Sintering was carried out in a laboratory horizontal tube furnace at 1120°C and 1250°C for 60 minutes, in an atmosphere containing 5%H2 and 95%N2. After sintering, the samples were tempered at 200°C for 60 minutes in air. For porosity evaluation computer software was employed. Hitachi S-3500M SEM equipped with EDS (made by Noran) was employed for fracture analysis. The steel based on Astaloy CrM pre-alloyed powder is characterized by fine pores and good mechanical properties. When sintered at 1250°C, it had area of pores approx. 7.12 μm2, ultimate tensile strength (UTS) about 679 MPa and elongation about 4%. The steels were characterized by ductile/cleavage and ductile fractures.
doi:10.1515/amm-2016-0263 fatcat:75tahtdmhvfr5mmuuf2g7vronm