Emmanuel macron and Franco-Russian relations at the present stage

Andrii Kutsenko
2020 Zenodo  
The article is dedicated to the modern vectors of French foreign policy since the beginning of Macron's presidency and the main directions of European political processes. The French Republic is exploring the basis for potential international alliances. During the presidency of Donald Trump, there were constant and quite significant differences between US policy and the policy of Emanuel Macron. This state of affairs has been advantageous for the Russian Federation in the context of the
more » ... text of the realization of its intentions to resume cooperation with France in full. The French president has boldly stated that NATO's expansion and the development of its military infrastructure near its borders with Russia should not be a priority for the Alliance, as this could lead to an escalation of the conflict. It should be noted that France's foreign policy is increasing tensions with European partners. Such differences are in Russia's favor, which is counting on the stagnation of European relations against the background of demonstrating its strength. NATO and the Kremlin's policies now have somewhat in common and are characterized by a desire to avoid large-scale armed conflict in the region. There are several common areas where Russia and France can find common interests, namely: ending the war in Ukraine, maintaining the agreement with Iran, finding ways to resolve the conflict in Syria, stabilizing the situation in Central Africa, bilateral investments, restoring collective security in Europe, restoration of bilateral relations between the countries, establishment of cooperation between Russia and NATO.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4553566 fatcat:kyln7e6x5rdj7oaiga73ay52ra