Electrochemical Reduction of Perchlorate Ion on Porous Carbon Electrodes Deposited with Iron Nanoparticles
영가철 나노 입자가 전착된 다공성 탄소전극을 이용한 과염소산 이온의 전기화학적 환원

Insook Rhee, Eun Yong Kim, Bokyoung Lee, Ki-Jung Paeng
2015 Journal of the Korean Electrochemical Society  
A method for degradation of the perchlorate anion (ClO 4 -) has been studied using electrochemically generated zero-valent iron (ZVI) deposited on a porous carbon electrode. The first strategy of this study is to produce the ZVI via the electrochemical reduction of iron (II) on a porous carbon electrode coated with a conducting polymer, instead of employing expensive NaBH 4 . The present method produced well distributed ZVI on conducting polymer (polypyrrole thin film) and increased surface
more » ... . ZVI surface can be regenerated easily for successive reduction. The second strategy is to apply a mild reducing condition (-0.3 V) to enhance the efficiency of the degradation of perchlorate with ZVI without the evolution of hydrogen. The electrochemically generated ZVI nanoparticles may offer an alternative means for the complete destruction perchlorate without evolution of hydrogen in water with high efficiency and at low cost.
doi:10.5229/jkes.2015.18.2.81 fatcat:x3mlgrtmwjfvfpvsp4nrgvc2wq