A. N. Shpiganovich, A. A. Shpiganovich, V. I. Zatsepina, E. P. Zatsepin
2018 Mining science and technology  
The electric power system of the Russian Federation was most developed in the 80-90s of the last century, after which there was an almost twofold decline in the generation and transmission of electrical energy in the system with subsequent growth. The main problem of fuel and energy complexes is the progressive aging of fixed production assets in conditions of increasing energy consumption requirements, which is a source of increased risk of major accidents. In this case, negative disturbances
more » ... an arise both in the system itself and be external to it and can lead not only to a low quality of electrical energy but also to interruptions in power supply. The studies carried out to date are devoted to a quantitative assessment of the reliability of power supply systems and their equipment and do not take into account the effects of electrical equipment failures on the characteristics of production processes and the operation of technological machines. To consider the reliability of power supply systems in isolation from the operation of other systems (technological, relay protection, automation, ventilation, dewatering, etc.) means not to use the whole range of measures aimed at improving the reliability of electricity supply, as a result it is impossible to ensure the optimum level of reliability of electricity supply. Reliability of the power supply system must be evaluated taking into account the interaction of electrical equipment with the equipment of all production systems. The problem of increasing the efficiency of the functioning of industrial enterprises by optimizing the parameters of the reliability of power supply systems is topical and of great economic importance.
doi:10.17073/2500-0632-2017-3-47-73 fatcat:riskoesggbbvtgmqck2gol5hb4