Cases of Ovariotomy

G. Kimball
1864 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
The following sketches of operations for the removal of ovarian tumors relate to nine instances of the kind that have occurred in my practice during tho last twelve months. Other cases of mine, of previous date, I intend publishing at a future day. I should have published them before, had I not reason to suppose that, before this, some account of them might appear from another source. Case I.-Miss D., of Dcdham, 25 years of age, unmarried, of healthy, but delicate constitution, discovered, some
more » ... n, discovered, some time in the course of the year 1860, a slight swelling situated in the left side of the lower portion of tho abdomen. It increased slowly, but constantly, giving her the idea that tho case was one of "common dropsy." In April, 1862, she was tapped, but the nature of the disease was not yet understood. Upon a return of the enlargement, she consulted Dr. Warren, of Boston. He readily made out tho nature of the case, declaring it to be ovarian ; but proposed no method of cure. The December following, nine months from' the first tapping, the same operation was repeated. After this, she was under the care of a homoeopathic physician till she consulted me, the following March. It being a question whether the case was such as would justify extirpation, I had no hesitation in saying that, apparently, it Avas as favorable for such an operation as any I had ever seen. In accordance with this opinion, the operation was at once resolved upon, and accordingly submitted to, on the 13th of May, 1863. There being no adhesions, or other complicated circumstance in the case, the operation was accomplished in a very few minutes. The tumor consisted of a singlo cyst, and, having been first evacuated of its contents, was drawn out from the abdomen through an incision not more than four inches in length, in the median lino between the umbilicus and pubes. The pedicle being too short to admit of a clamp, it was
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