Molluscan Fauna in Bang Taboon Mangrove Estuary, Inner Gulf of Thailand: Implications for conservation and sustainable use of coastal resources

Siraprapha Premcharoen, Soranan Witirawat, Pobporn Tharapoom, I. Demetrescu, K. Oh, N.K. Kaushik, A. Butu, F. Othman
2016 MATEC Web of Conferences  
Molluscan fauna, dealt with diversity and abundance of gastropods and bivalves in Bang Taboon mangrove estuary, Inner Gulf of Thailand was investigated seasonally. Totally 3,337 individuals, representing 18 species (6 bivalves and 12 gastropods) with two dominant species, Assiminea brevicula and Tegillarca granosa. The mean density of overall molluscs was 11.79±0.47 n/m², recorded in September. The highest value of diversity was 0.78±0.53, recorded in March. The most species-rich and
more » ... rich and individuals were recorded in the large mudflat within intertidal mangrove zone and formed a distinct community structure in the vegetated area at 15 cm depth. Results from the Analysis of the Similarity (ANOSIM) showed a clearly significant difference of species diversity and abundance at different areas, depths and seasons (P = 0.001). Although Bang Taboon estuary is impacted by human activities, the habitat remains an important nursery ground for numerous molluscs including many commercial species. The findings of this study can be taken as a base data that would help maximizing mangrove and fisheries resources conservation and utilization in a sustainable way in Bang Taboon estuary and adjacent areas in the inner Gulf of Thailand.
doi:10.1051/matecconf/20166002003 fatcat:vddkrm6vvnd6vn335pu6elgtwm