An Investigation into the Equivalence of Three Pictures for Creative Story Writing: 'Dog Owners', 'Lost Dog', and 'Overslept'
창의적 이야기 작문용 세 그림의 동형 조사: 'Dog Owners,' 'Lost Dog,' 'Overslept'

Heejung Suh, Jungok Bae
2016 Journal of Gifted/Talented Education  
Alternate pictures that are proven to be equivalent are in high demand to assess creative thinking and language skills. This study aimed to investigate the equivalence of three pictures ('Dog owners,' 'Lost Dog,' and 'Overslept') recently developed for use in a creative writing task. Middle school students (N=183) wrote a story in English based on one of the three prompts distributed randomly. Four writing features (fluency, syntactic complexity, lexical diversity, and temporality) were
more » ... ality) were analyzed with Coh-Metrix and MANCOVA. The three prompts were largely equivalent in their capacity to detect differences among writers in all the features of writing. The difficulty levels of the three prompts, however, were not necessarily the same. Two prompts, Dog Owners and Lost Dog, were verified as equivalent prompts, and therefore, they are recommended as alternate forms to assess creative language skills in repeated measurements. The Overslept prompt had greater facility in eliciting diverse words and more temporal connectives in composing stories. The differential difficulty shown among the prompts suggests that the validity of using different picture versions in repeated assessment remains questionable unless those versions undergo equivalence verification.
doi:10.9722/jgte.2016.26.4.699 fatcat:tlzidhu7mrapln6pdsuoh2ua4i