Post 2003's War: US' Failure in Political and Economic Restructure of Iraq

Enas AL.Yasiry
2020 Journal of Scientific Papers: Social development and Security  
The key purpose of this article is to understand the proclaimed purpose of the US invasion of Iraq and subsequently analyze Americans promises to build new infrastructure and develop a new economy of the country. By discussing the steps taken by the US government after the invasion of Iraq towards restructuring and reconstruction of the country, the author defined reasons for the American failure in restructuring of the state. The qualitative methods of research was employed to analyze the
more » ... to analyze the failure of the United States in the political and economic restructuring of Iraq. The data was collected from different sources including scientific journals, research papers and articles published by the different websites. This paper concludes that war cannot be summarized as a humanitarian intervention. Especially invasion of a country without UN's Security Council's approval itself creates doubt on the legitimacy of the political reforms and economic restructure of the invaded country. Author verified that beside the post 2003 complex political situation in Iraq, the American intervention brought the country's economy back to the zero point.
doi:10.33445/sds.2020.10.5.1 fatcat:osq6uiubzreyjn3bmhpl7tu43q