Interface pressures and shear stresses at thirteen socket sites on two persons with transtibial amputation

J E Sanders, D Lam, A J Dralle, R Okumura
1997 Journal of rehabilitation research and development  
Residual limb/prosthetic socket interface pressures and shear stresses were measured at 13 sites on two subjects with unilateral transtibial amputation (TTA) using total-contact patellar-tendon-bearing prostheses. Maximal interface stresses during stance phase for each of 13 transducer sites were determined, then means for all steps calculated. Maximal pressure and resultant shear stress during stance phase were shown at anterior distal or mid-limb sites and the maxima occurred during the first
more » ... ed during the first 50% of stance phase. Anterior medial and lateral proximal sites showed their greatest pressure during the second 50%. At lateral mid-limb and popliteal fossa sites, resultant shear stress directions suggest that soft tissue was displaced toward the socket brim during weight-bearing. Results also suggest that skin across the distal tibial crest was in tension at the times of the first and second peaks in the shank axial force-time curve in all sessions. Significant difference (p < 0.05) in maximal stresses between sessions conducted > 3 weeks apart were apparent for both subjects.
pmid:9021623 fatcat:qp7tf7ciuzbg5jv2yl54t72q4q