Katherine J. JANZEN, Beth PERRY, Margaret EDWARDS
2017 The Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education  
Using the analogy of children's building blocks, the reader is guided through the results of a research study that explored the use of three Artistic Pedagogical Technologies (APTs). 'Building blocks' was the major theme that emerged from the data. Sub-themes included developing community, enhancing creativity, and risk taking. The discourse of the paper centers on how selected APTs stimulate interaction, create social presence, and help develop community in the online post-secondary classroom.
more » ... Additional findings are discussed and implications are presented. Creativity The first recorded musings on creativity were addressed by Plato in Greco-Roman times and creativity was thought of as being a god-like trait (Hendriksen, Mishara & the Deep-Play-Research Group Michigan State University, 2014). Hendriksen and colleagues explain that this notion of creativity evolved over time until the Renaissance period where a creative person was thought to be unique or gifted, but still in a mystical way. This thinking was sustained until Shakespearian times. Even Shakespeare in his writings "doubted the absolute originality in creative work" (p. 16). While agreement that certain individuals are better at creativity than others has been sustained through time, creativity was thought of in the early 19th century as simply the art of "drawing from existing sources" (p. 16). In the 20 th century, thinking related to creativity was thought of much the same way.
doi:10.17718/tojde.285705 fatcat:lk4yvnagiffnljtqst62dt6noq