Medical Notes

1896 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
It is known that thus far all attempts to infect animals with Neisser'B gonococcus have failed. Heller, of Berlin, reports that he has recently succeeded in determining by means of cultures of this microbe a bleunorrhagic conjunctivitis in hares. This form of conjunctivit¡8 Í8 rare in adults ; Heller affirms that out of 18,000 cases of gonorrhea in adults in the venereal wards of Charity Hospital, Berlin, in not a single case has he observed gonorrheal infection of the eye. As this form of
more » ... s this form of conjunctivitis is frequent in the new-born infant, and rare in adults, he concluded that the conjunctiva of infants was predisposed to the gonococcic infection, and he was led by this consideration to attempt the infection of the conjuuctiva in newly-born animals. He opened by means of a sterilized bistoury the eyes of new-born hares aud instilled several drops of a pure culture of gonococci. In 45 animals there was a positive result ; in the conjunctival pus there were found gonococci in abundauce. The most of the hares got well after several weeks ; in some the cornea remained hazy. In three there was extensive, destructive suppuration,
doi:10.1056/nejm189608201350810 fatcat:dqfktlzvuzbkjdwskkpeiq2gh4