Recent advances in antimicrobial air filter

A.A.I.A.S. Komaladewi, K. Khoiruddin, I.W. Surata, I.D.G.A. Subagia, I.G. Wenten, E.A. Setiawan, E. Kusrini, F.H. Juwono, A. Yatim
2018 E3S Web of Conferences  
The worsening air quality has become an environmental issue since it has a serious effect on human health. This is generally attributed to airborne particles including various pathogens and others fine particles. Even though air filters show excellent removal efficiency towards pathogens, the captured microorganism can remain viable in the filter, grow, and re-suspended into an air stream resulting in a secondary source of pollutants. Considerable studies have been conducted to develop air
more » ... to develop air filters which also have antibacterial properties for solving this issue. Results of several studies showed that air filters with antimicrobial activities have been successfully prepared by incorporating inorganic nanoparticles and natural plant extracts. With antibacterial properties, the air filters may be potentially used to control air quality, particularly for indoor spaces e.g. hospitals, by removing fine particles and inhibiting microorganism. In this paper, the recent development of antimicrobial air filter is reviewed. In addition, preparation and performance of developed antimicrobial filters are discussed. Prospects and challenges of antimicrobial air filter are also pointed out.
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/20186703016 fatcat:sez6bdxjpvaexowujkwl6fg6ku