Correlation between flexibility of chain-like polyelectrolyte and thermodynamic properties of its solution

Sajevic, Reščič, Vlachy
2011 Condensed Matter Physics  
Structural and thermodynamic properties of the model solution containing charged oligomers and the equivalent number of counterions were studied by means of the canonical Monte Carlo simulation technique. The oligomers are represented as (flexible) freely jointed chains or as a linear (rigid) array of charged hard spheres. In accordance with the primitive model of electrolyte solutions, the counterions are modeled as charged hard spheres and the solvent as dielectric continuum. Significant
more » ... m. Significant differences in the pair distribution functions, obtained for the rigid (rod-like) and flexible model are found but the differences in thermodynamic properties, such as, enthalpy of dilution and excess chemical potential, are less significant. The results are discussed in light of the experimental data an aqueous polyelectrolyte solutions. The simulations suggest that deviations from the fully extended (rod-like) conformation yield slightly stronger binding of counterions. On the other hand, the flexibility of polyions, even when coupled with the ion-size effects, cannot be blamed for qualitative differences between the theoretical results and experimental data for enthalpy of dilution.
doi:10.5488/cmp.14.33603 fatcat:ih2xzbywrzbhpb6giut3y4ndma