Three Phase Dual Input Direct Matrix Converter for Integration of Two AC Sources from Wind Turbines

M. Saravanan, T. S. Sivakumaran
2016 Circuits and Systems  
This project proposes a novel dual-input matrix converter (DIMC) which is used to integrate the output of the wind energy to a power grid. The proposed matrix converter is developed based on the traditional indirect matrix converter under reverse power flow operation mode, but with its six-switch voltage source converter replaced by a nine-switch configuration followed by the current source inverter (CSI). Matrix electric power conversion topologies and their switch functions are flexible and
more » ... are flexible and are used for specific applications. With the additional three switches, the proposed DIMC can provide six input terminals, which make it possible to integrate two independent AC sources from two independent wind turbines into a single grid tied power electronics interface. Commanded currents can be extracted from the two input sources to the grid. The proposed PI control and modulation schemes guaranteed sinusoidal input and output waveforms as well as reduced THD. The simulation results are provided to validate the effectiveness of the proposed control and modulation schemes for the proposed converter.
doi:10.4236/cs.2016.711318 fatcat:lpglvwdjjjb7voy6a6ouwqbltm