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Xtbran? notes ant> flews. The Editor earnestly begs that librarians and others will send to Mm early and accurate information as to all local Library doings. The briefest record of facts and dates is all that is required. In course of time "Library Notes and News" mill become of the utmost value to the historian of the Public Library movement, and it is therefore of the highest importance that every paragraph should be vouched for by local knowledge. Brief written paragraphs are better than
more » ... are better than newspaper cuttings. ABERDEEN.-A remarkable case has been tried in Aberdeen Small Debt Court The Public Library Committee sued James M'Bain for the delivery of voL i. of May's Constitutional History of England or alternately, for payment of 7s. 6d. For the defence, it was urged, on the facts of the case, that M'Bain did not sign the application for the book, that although he authorised his daughter to sign for him to get a ticket she had never got the ticket, and that the ticket as well as the book must have been given to some other person. In his evidence, however, Mr. M'Bain said he had now reason to believe that the signature was that of his daughter, although he had not previously thought so. The sheriff took the case to avizandum. Since the case was before the court, however, some curious discoveries have been made. It so happens that two persons of the name of M'Bain, and only two, are holders of readers' tickets for the library. Whether both M'Bains were attracted-perhaps by passing events-to a study of constitutional history and both wanted to peruse the same work is not yet very clear, but at any rate the other M'Bain got the book, and the defender in the small debt action turns out to be right in his first surmise-that the signature on the application form was neither his nor his daughter's. And the Committee, though the defender himself was not aware of it, had the wrong man in court after alL The book has now been recovered, in the possession, of course, of the other M'Bain, and the court proceedings, inasmuch as they were instituted against the wrong party, will be dropped. The complication is attributed to the practice which obtains in Aberdeen, as in some other places, under which parties filling up application forms freely fill in the names of persons as guarantors who have never been consulted on the subject. It is probable that, in order to put a stop to the practice, the Library Committee will insist in future on guarantors personally affixing their signature. ASTON, BIRMINGHAM.-At the Aston District Council on July and, there was a heated discussion on the subject of " blacking-out" betting news from the newspapers of the free library, occasioned by a propo-at University of Birmingham on June 8, 2015 Downloaded from PRESTON.-There has lately been removed to the new Harris Free Library and Museum at Preston, the contents of what is known as the Shepherd Libraryj which was bequeathed in 1759 by Dr. Shepherd to the Preston Corporation, in trust for the benefit of the townspeople. The collection contains many rare and valuable works. The board of management have from time to time added many useful books to the collection, which is still open to those who hold a recommendation from the Mayor or an Alderman of the borough.
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