T.P. Tuah, P. Badia, M. Taufiq, H. Agustina
2020 Russian Journal of Agricultural and Socio-Economic Sciences  
The relationship between interaction, normative force behavior in organizations and altruistic values are interpreted as altruistic normative interaction variables. This variable was built as a renewal in exploring between concepts. Based on social action theory, symbolic interaction theory, compliance theory, and value theory as well as support from previous research studies, the concept of altruistic normative interaction emerged. The concept of altruistic normative interaction is defined as
more » ... elationships that take place verbally in an interpersonal order that is carried out reciprocally and continuously in organizations with moral involvement in a positive value orientation that puts social interests and welfare of others first. This concept is expected to be a behavioral renewal variable in the organization and is expected to be a trigger in developing and improving individuals in the organization / company. KEY WORDS Interaction, normative structure, altruistic values. According Weber in Rosenberg (2016) the world at this time was realized because of social action. Humans do something because it aims to achieve what they want, and then they choose an action. This explains that unconsciously, society is the end result of human interaction. As expressed by Weber, the best way to understand various groups is to respect the typical forms of action that characterize them, so that we can understand the reasons why the community act. In the analysis of social action Weber introduced the concept of the meaning of an action. Weber said that individuals in society are creative actors and social reality is not a static tool rather than coercion of social facts. This explains that human action is not entirely determined by the norms, habits, values and so forth that are included in the concept of social facts. Although finally Weber acknowledged that in society there are social structures and social institutions. Communication that takes place in a dialogical interpersonal face-to-face arrangement is called symbolic interaction. Now, symbolic interaction has become an interdisciplinary term of communication and sociology. Material objects are the same, namely humans, and human behavior (Ahmadi, 2008) . Interaction is a term and claim of sociology; while the symbolic is the communication of communication or communication science. The main contribution of sociology to the development of social psychology which gave birth to the perspective of symbolic interaction. This development can be attributed to the flow of Chicago. The development of sociology in America has so far been preceded by the absorption of widespread sociological roots in Europe. In Sociology, there are many theories and perspectives. Some use the perspectives of evolutionism, interactionism, functionalism, conflict theory, exchange, and there are also those who use divisions in view, namely social facts, social definitions, and social behavior. All approaches have different characteristics and objectives in order to analyze the community or analyze the organization (Ritzer & Stepnisky, 2017). One of the most influential sociology theories is Symbolic Interaction which focuses on role behavior, interaction
doi:10.18551/rjoas.2020-02.14 fatcat:inc6twi2srcatpr5q2jiuw5jka