Cloud camera design using a Raspberry Pi
Diseño de una cámara de nubes usando Raspberry Pi

J. C. Antuña-Sanchez, N. Diaz, R. Estevan, A.M. de Frutos, J. C. Antuña-Marrero
2015 Óptica Pura y Aplicada  
The design and assembly of low cost all-sky camera for clouds detection is presented. The instrument comply with all the requirements currently established for this type of instrument. Under the conditions of Cuba, it is impossible to acquire such a device, which costs between $ 600 and $ 3500 USD. Using a Raspberry Pi, its camera module with a CMOS sensor and a unipolar stepper motor (recovered from a discontinued matrix printer) we have built a sky camera for less than $ 300 USD. The
more » ... 0 USD. The Raspberry Pi, using free software and hardware, will control and conduct the operation of the camera, the image capturing, the processing and the transmission of the latter results. Among the advantages provided for this device stand objectively determining the percentages of sky covered by clouds, the ability to archive images taken for potential future reprocessing, the classifications of clouds according to the attenuation of solar radiation they produce, among others. All this advantages will be achieved with an instrument of very low cost, allowing access to this technology for both research networks and meteorological services in poor countries.
doi:10.7149/opa.48.3.199 fatcat:llzn4usqtjctnj2r76ntrintsy