New Papyrus Texts from Oxyrhynchus

1911 The Biblical World  
Oxyrhynchus continues to supply biblical and patristic fragments to the student of the Septuagint and early Christian literature. Part VIII of the Oxyrhynchus Papyri, which has just appeared, opens with nine theological fragments, five of them on parchment and four on papyrus. A bit of the Old Latin version of Gen., chaps. 5, 6, of the fourth century, preserves some verses not otherwise extant in that imperfectly preserved version. Two fragments of the Septuagint of Exodus (chaps. 31, 32, and
more » ... haps. 31, 32, and 40) are of great interest for their early date, the third century after Christ. A curious fragment of Tob., chap. 2, exhibits a recension of that work unlike its form in Codex Vaticanus or Codex Sinaiticus, which manuscripts, it will be remembered, show different forms of the story. For the New Testament, a sixth-century parchment amulet is inscribed with Matt. 4: 23, 24. A fourth-century
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