Vízivilág baja - gazdaságfejlesztés az építészet eszközeivel

Ákos Lepsényi
2014 Fiatal Műszakiak Tudományos Ülésszaka  
The WaterWorld Baja Project is a city strategic plan which is based on an idea. It aims to make competitive project the city itselfs. In Baja -as the Eötvös József College lecturer -it has primary development priority the Danube in the city's future life. The integration of modern water management practices in urban planning and development would be an asset to all participants . The city has an advantage in tourism, energy , logistical complex through the use of water, but the most basic
more » ... he most basic emotional benefit of integrated thinking , if a city will be really the city of waters . The water will be closer to the people , the people who live there, the relationship stronger, more livable, healthier living spaces can we create in the future. The paper will introduce the basic principles and goals of the plan and outline a research agenda that is trying to use for other waterfront conscious people by " Places" to provide assistance through the examination of specific examples . Within the test unit's relationship with the living spaces to each other will be defined along.
doi:10.36243/fmtu-2014.060 fatcat:53tya4mzt5aydntx5smmqaczqu