The relationship between physical activity and the prevalence of disabilities caused by back pain in men over 60 years of age
Aktywność fizyczna a występowanie niepełnosprawności spowodowanej bólem kręgosłupa u mężczyzn po 60 roku życia

Katarzyna Moczek, Krystyna Gawlik, Barbara Rosołek
2018 Advances in Rehabilitation  
Regular physical activity adapted to the current state of health is a priority in successful ageing. Older people want to remain fully independent for as long as possible. In the elderly, revolutionary changes in body structure and posture are taking place. Back pain is a common problem in the elderly and an important factor limiting life activity. Despite the many benefits of physical activity, its effect on the prevention of back pain has not been clearly demonstrated and contradictory
more » ... ontradictory information can be found in the literature. The aim of the study was to assess the physical activity of men over 60 years of age and to verify its relation with the occurrence of spinal pain. Material and methods: The study included 30 men aged 62-86 years, participants of the university of the third age. Somatic parameters (BH, BM, WC, FAT%, BMI, WHR) were evaluated. Physical activity measured by the number of steps per week. The incidence of spinal pain was assessed using the Oswestra questionnaire. Results: Overweight and obesity were over 80%, while abdominal obesity occurred in 67%. Most men had a sedentary lifestyle or low physical activity. The Oswestra questionnaire showed that 56% of the men surveyed had a mediocre and total disability. Conclusions: The majority of men were characterized by excess body weight and low physical activity, and the relationship between these variables was clear. The low and email: The research was financed from the authors' own resources Badania sfinansowane ze środków własnych autorów Rehabilitation Advances in Rehabilitation/Postępy Rehabilitacji (4), 29 -35, 2018
doi:10.5114/areh.2018.83392 fatcat:n5plu55e4bcupeezqpxucfh7lu