What we learn from randomized trials in rectal cancer and what we can trust

Vincenzo Valentini, Francesco Cellini
2014 Acta chirurgica iugoslavica  
Results of the man age ment of rec tal can cer have enor mously im proved over the last al most forty years, by the pro gres sive de vel op ment of new inte grated treat ment op tions. nev er the less an op timi za tion of the re sults is needed to raise the still sub-op ti mal out come in terms of sur vival. sev eral na tional and in ter na tional guide lines ad dress the best treat ment choice over all eval u at ing the ev idence ba sis avail able from lit er a ture. Still a cer tain de gree
more » ... f dis agree ment is pres ent, par tic u larly about the pref er a ble pre op er a tive rt treat ment sched ule. ran dom ized tri als rep re sent the main land mark and most im por tant tool for the sci en tific sce nario: de fining a po ten tially es tab lished stan dard of care, or suggest ing the more prom is ing ap proach to fo cus the research into, thus ori ent ing the ef forts of cli ni cians and re search ers. This manu script will mainly fo cus on the ev i dences de rived from ran dom ized clin i cal trial describ ing the main is sues about the multimodal in tegrated treat ment for rec tal can cers. It will fo cus on both lo cally ad vanced (LA)/pri mary unresectable (UR), and resectable rec tal can cers; some non-random ized tri als of rel e vant the dis ser ta tion will also be men tioned
doi:10.2298/aci1402009v fatcat:meiqbwza65glrdlz47one3uvoq