The Profound Impact On Human Society of the Development of Social (Home) Service Robot and Their Industries

2022 Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences  
This paper discusses the inevitability of the birth and industry formation of social (family) service robots from the background that the human social communication, information exchange and control into the era of real-time high-speed, big data and highly artificial intelligence; Two kinds of robots, educational robots (network) and family service robots, how do their influence on human social education and family life, especially on human sexual needs; possible ways of influencing human life
more » ... xtension and human evolution by; and the corresponding change of the moral concept of human society. Key words Social (family) service robots, educational robots (network) and family service robots, the impact on human education, the impact on sexual needs, the change of human fertility model, the possibility of conscious evolution, the change of social ethics and moral concepts
doi:10.33140/jhss.05.01.04 fatcat:nq5mf3yjjfbe5efwuhzbxofoqu