Sinc integrals and tiny numbers

Uwe Bäsel, Robert Baillie
2016 Elemente der Mathematik  
We apply a result of David and Jon Borwein to evaluate a sequence of highly-oscillatory integrals whose integrands are the products of a rapidly growing number of sinc functions. The value of each integral is given in the form $\pi(1-t)/2$, where the numbers $t$ quickly become very tiny. Using the Euler-Maclaurin summation formula, we calculate these numbers to high precision. For example, the integrand of the tenth integral in the sequence is the product of 68100152 sinc functions. The
more » ... ctions. The corresponding $t$ is approximately $9.6492736004286844634795531209398105309232 \cdot 10^{-554381308}$.
doi:10.4171/em/295 fatcat:s6ftb7x3bffsrilczw3kc2espm