Imaging and diagnostic accuracy of outpatient and inpatient hysteroscopy

Yu. S. Frolova, S. I. Yelgina
2021 Fundamental and Clinical Medicine  
Aim. To compare the results of visualisation and diagnostic accuracy during outpatient and inpatient hysteroscopy in women with endometrial disease.Materials and Methods. We performed a retrospective analysis of patients with uterine diseases who underwent outpatient hysteroscopy at Kemerovo City Clinical Hospital №4 (n = 300) or inpatient hysteroscopy within the hospitals (n = 300) in Kemerovo from 2018 to 2020. Confirmation of endometrial disease was carried out by manual vacuum
more » ... ults. Indications, imaging, and diagnostic accuracy did not differ for most endometrial diseases in outpatient and inpatient hysteroscopy, yet inpatient hysteroscopy was the option of choice in women with infertility (p = 0.035). Diagnostic accuracy of outpatient and inpatient hysteroscopy was highly concordant, albeit outpatient hysteroscopy more often revealed adenomyosis and uterine malformation and less often identified endometrial polyps.Conclusion. Outpatient and inpatient hysteroscopy are equally efficient, although outpatient hysteroscopy has its benefits in detecting adenomyosis and uterine malformation and be less informative in diagnosing endometrial polyps.
doi:10.23946/2500-0764-2021-6-4-106-112 fatcat:ugcqqyvo3vbgvf2xclrtuj4rjq