Wind Regime of Imereti Territory

2019 European Geographical Studies  
Astract The wind regime of one of the regions of Georgia-Imereti, located in its central part, on the southern winding slope of the Greater Caucasus, is systematized. The repeatability of the prevailing wind directions is established. According to the monthly average data, the repeatability of the winds of the eastern regions reaches 53 %, and the repeatability of the winds of the western regions is 43 %. At night, the frequency of easterly winds increases to 69−70 %, and the frequency of
more » ... frequency of westerly winds is greatest in the afternoon, amounting to 40−50 %. The highest average annual wind speed is observed in Mta-Sabueti and is 9.2 m/s where the wind speed throughout the year is quite high, amounting to 7.9-10.6 m/s. Increased wind speeds in Kutaisi up to 5 m/s are due to the phenic effect, in other places the average annual wind speed mainly does not exceed 3 m/s. The range of changes in the average annual number of days with strong winds ranges from 12 (Korbouli) to 162 days (Mta-Sabueti). The maximum number of days with a strong wind was recorded in Mta-Sabueti-222, in Kutaisi the maximum number of days with a strong wind is 124, and in other places it ranges from 40−80 days.
doi:10.13187/egs.2019.1.3 fatcat:iyovtdnofjardpm3hk5c5bhbpm