Dynamic Modelling and Analyzing of a Walking of Humanoid Robot

Bajrami Xhevahir, Shala Ahmet, Hoxha Gezim, Likaj Rame
2018 Strojnícky casopis – Journal of Mechanical Engineering  
This paper focuses on the walking improvement of a biped robot. The zero-moment point (ZMP) method is used to stabilise the walking process of robot. The kinematic model of the humanoid robot is based on Denavit- Hartenberg's (D-H) method, as presented in this paper. This work deals with the stability analysis of a two-legged robot during double and single foot walking. It seems more difficult to analyse the dynamic behaviour of a walking robot due to its mathematical complexity. In this
more » ... ity. In this context most humanoid robots are based on the control model. This method needs to design not only a model of the robot itself but also the surrounding environment. In this paper, a kinematic simulation of the robotic system is performed in MATLAB. Driving torque of the left and right ankle is calculated based on the trajectory of joint angle, the same as angular velocity and angular acceleration. During this process an elmo motion controller is used for all joints. The validity of the dynamic model is tested by comparing obtained results with the simulation results.
doi:10.2478/scjme-2018-0027 fatcat:ahemr65n6zeptccup5grbet6ze