N. Am. Hydnaceae

1906 Botanical Gazette  
Apical meristems of monocotyl roots.-DAIsY G. SCOTT48 has investigated the root tips of Alisma, Butomus, Vallisneria, Ruppia, Zostera, Naias, Stratiotes, and Limnocharis. Her results support DE BARY'S statement in reference to the roots of monocotyledons in general, namely that there are three distinct groups of initials, one giving rise to calyptrogen, another to dermatogen and periblem, and the third to plerome.-J. M. C. Megaspores of Lepidostrobus.-Mrs. D. H. SCOTT49 has found that certain
more » ... ound that certain megaspores referred to KIDSTON's Triletes belong to Lepidostrobus joliaceus, heretofore regarded as homosporolus. They are peculiar in bearing a conspicuous appendage, said to be suggestive of the so-called "swimming apparatus" of Azolla. Many of these spores were found, and they are spoken of as "fairly common objects."-J. AM. C.
doi:10.1086/329007 fatcat:ws7amcdjrvhlbf45mdzcqsdysi