From Affect to Spontaneity

2020 Global Research in Higher Education  
Purpose: This article aims to make a comparison between two profound thinkers, educationalist, Jewish one is Spanish origin Northern European Baruch Spinoza (born 1632, died 1677) and the other is Mid Europe psychiatrist, Jacob Levy Moreno (born 1889, died 1974).Method: Qualitative research methods were used to prepare this manuscript. Two main books and thirty-six scientific articles which are relevant to this study were scrutinized carefully to find out why their study domains are so crucial
more » ... ins are so crucial in modern daily life. Content and thematic analysis were used to draw a general look for two theorists. Maxqda computer program used for analyses.Findings: From math studies to explain the universe, optical illustrations to make near objects in distance are the main concerns of Spinoza. Starting in medical help especially psychiatry to cue psychology mall adaptive behaviors and psychodrama to understand behaviors of routine in everyday life are the concerns of Moreno. Both philosophers are studied for understanding the interactions of objects to help people. This is also the modern life's societies not only in research places such as in academics but also to rise modern people in schools.Implications for Research and Practice: Comparison between Spinoza and Moreno is the main aim in overall. It is recommended that all of the subjects, objects related to human interactions should carry onboard human interaction. Affection based interactions should be done in all settings. All people should be taken part in such intense human interactions to make a more meaningful life not only in intuitions such as school but also in daily life such as any meeting such as in public building corridors. It is concluded that Spinoza means affection and Moreno means spontaneity. How our affection and spontaneity affecting our daily life, expectancy from life and life from us can be a starting point for investigations.
doi:10.22158/grhe.v3n1p35 fatcat:4e7hlml6xbbfhppi7in5fx27rm