Somatic cell count in milk of individual lacaune ewes under practical conditions in slovakia: possible effect on milk yield and its composition

Michal Uhrinčať, Vladimír Tančin, Lucia Mačuhová, Štefan Baranovič, Martina Vršková
2017 Potravinarstvo  
The aim of this study was to describe the health status of udder through analysis of somati cell count (SCC) in milk of Lacaune breed. The study was conducted at five Slovak farms. Milk yield recordings and milk samples were taken from March till August by certificated organisation for milk recording, where also milk analysis on SCC was processed. In total 1192 samples were analysed. Milk samples were divided into the five categories on the basis of SCC: SCC <0.2 × 106, between 0.2 -0.4 × 10 6
more » ... en 0.2 -0.4 × 10 6 , 0.4 -0.6 × 10 6 , 0.6 -1 × 10 6 and >10 6 cells.mL -1 . Animals were divided into seven stages of lactation (first: 30-60 days of lactation and then each following 30 days a further group of lactation stage was considered). The Mixed model with Scheffe's analysis as a post hoc test was used. SCC on farm 3 was highest (5.80 ±0.04 log SCC mL -1 ) as compared with others farms (p <0.05). Significant effect of farms on milk yield demonstrates different level of farm management. Between farm 1 and 3 the differences in milk yield per milking is more than double. Frequency of distribution of milk samples was 53.36%, 13.93%, 6.29%, 7.21% and 19.21% for different categories respectively. In category >10 6 cells.mL -1 the highest percentage was on farm 4 (33.57%) and lowest on farm 2 (8.06%) though more representative percentage was on farm 5 (12.05%) due to larger number of animals. The negative effect of high SCC on milk yield was observed in all farms. Data also revealed that main part of individual milk samples had SCC below 0.6 × 10 6 cells.mL -1 which could be an important argument for future legislative establishment of limits for SCC in ewe's milk.
doi:10.5219/767 fatcat:nl4xbs7vovhvrh47hrmkkxcx54