A Survey among Network Operators on BGP Prefix Hijacking

Pavlos Sermpezis, Vasileios Kotronis, Alberto Dainotti, Xenofontas Dimitropoulos
2018 Computer communication review  
BGP pre x hijacking is a threat to Internet operators and users. Several mechanisms or modi cations to BGP that protect the Internet against it have been proposed. However, the reality is that most operators have not deployed them and are reluctant to do so in the near future. Instead, they rely on basic -and often ine cient-proactive defenses to reduce the impact of hijacking events, or on detection based on third party services and reactive approaches that might take up to several hours. In
more » ... several hours. In this work, we present the results of a survey we conducted among 75 network operators to study: (a) the operators' awareness of BGP pre x hijacking attacks, (b) presently used defenses (if any) against BGP prex hijacking, (c) the willingness to adopt new defense mechanisms, and (d) reasons that may hinder the deployment of BGP pre x hijacking defenses. We expect the ndings of this survey to increase the understanding of existing BGP hijacking defenses and the needs of network operators, as well as contribute towards designing new defense mechanisms that satisfy the requirements of the operators. CCS CONCEPTS • Networks → Routing protocols; Network management; • Security and privacy → Network security; 1 Even the accurate measurement of the adoption of the proactive RPKI mechanism is a challenge itself [24] .
doi:10.1145/3211852.3211862 fatcat:6fsovcbqgre45jbwxkaaxdd4xe