Assessment of Total Climate Change Impacts on the Agricultural Sector of Cyprus

Christina Papadaskalopoulou, Marco Moriondo, Ioannis Lemesios, Anna Karali, Angeliki Konsta, Camilla Dibari, Lorenzo Brilli, Konstantinos V. Varotsos, Andreas Stylianou, Maria Loizidou, Marinos Markou, Christos Giannakopoulos
2020 Atmosphere  
In this paper, the results of a climate change impact and vulnerability assessment conducted for the agricultural sector of Cyprus are presented. The assessment is based on the outputs of specialized climatic and crop models, while it incorporates quantified socio-economic vulnerability indicators of the Cypriot agriculture. The results are aggregated at municipal level in order to support regional and local adaptation planning. The assessment was performed for two representative concentration
more » ... tive concentration pathways (RCP4.5, RCP8.5), as well as for extreme climatic scenarios. Following, an economic assessment was made on the expected change in revenues of the agricultural sector. The results of climatic simulations indicated that future increases in temperature will be characterized by a strong seasonal trend, with the highest increases occurring in summer. Precipitation is expected to decrease throughout the island, where the highest decreases (50%) are expected during summer (RCP8.5). This trend will affect mainly tomato, grapevine, and olive tree, whose growing cycle takes place during summer. By contrast, crops covering autumn-winter season, such as potato, barley, and wheat, are expected to partially avoid harsh summer conditions. The results of the economic assessment show that the changes in total revenues are insignificant, because, under all scenarios, a loss in one crop is compensated by a gain in another crop. However, the farmers as well as the government should take action to increase the resilience of the agricultural sector, with a special focus on those crops and areas that are expected to be adversely affected by climate change impacts.
doi:10.3390/atmos11060608 fatcat:ycmbfuqjerfh5mztwntmeytbdu