Проблема Формування Культурної Компетентності Особистості В Контексті Реформування Вищої Школи

ГОЛОВІНА Наталя Ігорівна
2015 Zenodo  
In the article the author raises the problem of forming the cultural competence of students in terms of the goals of higher education reform. It proves that in educational institutions today need to face not only improving the socialization process that can generate educated people, but also the creation of a full-fledged process of inculturation, aimed at establishing a cultural competent people. Socialization involves students in educating them with the basic principles of the social
more » ... the social interaction, social division of labor, social and functional roles of man and the ways of its entry into the social practice. It is carried out by means of inculturation as an introduction to students in basic values and meanings, and regulatory and regulatory systems of culture, criteria for evaluation and selection principles of socially acceptable forms and methods of implementation of activities undertaken in the community. These issues are somehow included in the system of knowledge about any field or specialized people's daily activities. However, in the areas of knowledge of philosophical, social, humanitarian and artistic profile are the basis of the content of the relevant disciplines, primarily working on the formation of cultural competence of the individual. This involves a complex phenomenon: competence in relation to the institutional norms of the social organization; competence in relation to the conventional rules of social and cultural regulation; competence in relation to the short-term, but samples topical social prestige; competence expressed in the level of completeness and freedom of ownership different languages of social communication. Educational content and features of cultural competence must comply sociocultural type of society and simulate a person, more or less for this type of modal. One of the biggest challenges of the education system is an adequate understanding of the essential characteristics and typological features of the cultural value system, which really dominates the society and should be i [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.20389 fatcat:dmhyt5zvejgdxk4vwvfmkhq6ze