Occurrence of atresia ani in adult sheep and goat in Kuwait city

IJNSS Journal, Khalifah Ali
2020 Figshare  
This paper reports cases of antresia ani in sheep and goat of Kuwait city, Kuwait. Several cases of atresia ani with recto-vaginal fistula were observed in day old sheep and adult sheep and goats were found. The animals were suffering from difficulty in defecation, anorexia, and blot in addition faces were coming from vagina. Based on the prevailing clinical signs, the condition was however diagnosed as congenital atresia ani associated with recto-vaginal fistula. Reconstructive surgery by
more » ... ive surgery by incising the bulged, palpable region was done. The rectal pouch was bluntly dissected and retracted The blind stump of the rectum was incised and sutured all around with the skin by using interrupted mattress silk sutures. The perineal tissue was separated by blunt dissection then rectal and vaginal walls were separated. The perineal tissue and skin were closed. Post operative care and follow-up confirmed the recovery of the animals. The recovered animals got back their normal life and be able economically profitable for the keepers.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.12106857.v2 fatcat:vijzfesmhnczph43hlyqkhkpse