Invention of cast iron smelting in early China: archaeological survey and numerical simulation

Wei Qian, Xing Huang
2021 Advances in Archaeomaterials  
7 The earliest cast iron in China dates to the 8 th century BC and pre-dates the earliest European 8 evidence by about two millennia. The invention of cast iron smelting is closely related to the 9 pre-existing and contemporary technologies of casting bronze and firing ceramics as well as 10 the social and political context of early 1 st millennium BC China. A series of early iron 11 smelting furnaces were surveyed, excavated, and scientifically analysed. However, in order to 12 understand how
more » ... 12 understand how cast iron was initially produced, the evidence from one of the earliest 13 production sites was digitally simulated. This modelling allowed different potential methods 14 for the underlying production technology to be evaluated. The explanation for the invention 15 of cast iron lies both in borrowing and developing of techniques found in other contemporary 16 pyrotechnologies as well as a contemporary systemic philosophical approach. 17 18
doi:10.1016/j.aia.2021.04.001 fatcat:ij27tbpa4jf7lodwukwxlbwxdy