KKTC'deki Ergen Gençlerin Siyasal Katılım Düzeyleri ve Biçimleri: 9 Yıllık Kohort Çalışması

Bülent EVRE-
2020 Turkish Studies  
This study aims to identify whether the levels of political participation and attitudes of the adolescent youngsters in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus have changed over time or not, and if changed, to determine the direction of change. The study also explores whether the adolescent youngsters' political participation and attitudes differ in accordance with their demographic properties. The data of the research were collected by face to face questionnaire from two cohort groups attending
more » ... groups attending high school as 9th and 12th grade students at the ages of 15 and 18 in 2007 and 2016. The data obtained with cohort sampling were statistically measured through wilcoxon signed rank test, percentage test and cross-tabulation analysis. According to research findings, it has been reported that the levels of adolescent youngsters' political participation and some forms of that have declined in 2016 with compared to 2007. With regard to the forms of political participation, the levels of voting intention and displaying a political party symbol have declined. Furthermore, It was also found that adolescent youngsters' attitudes towards voting differed according to some of their demographic characteristics. Within this framework, it was reported that the adolescents' voting intentions varied depending on age and gender variables. In terms of voting, a significant difference was found between adolescents aged 15 years and those aged 18 years. Accordingly, 18-year-old adolescents have a relatively higher mean of voting intention compared to 15-year-old ones. Similarly, depending on the variable of gender, it was found that female adolescents had higher intentions to vote than male adolescents. Nevertheless, it was reported that male adolescents had higher participation in displaying a political party symbol than female adolescents. Furthermore, period effect is offered as an explanation for the decline in the level of political participation between two adolescent cohorts with the same characteristics between 2007 and 2016.
doi:10.29228/turkishstudies.40241 fatcat:2qbzyu6gbbhqrmlhucdpnflc2a