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Sherwood J. B. Sugden
1897 The Monist  
M. 12. Prof. Friedrich Jodl has condensed and presented in a systematised form an enormous number of facts in the present work on psychology, which is written as a text-book for students. Professor Jodl, more than any other German psychologist, is influenced by the English school, which is commonly called the association psychology. But he has grown beyond the narrowness which marks the English associationists. He has also incorporated in his studies the results of experimental psychology,
more » ... al psychology, without, however, over-estimating its importance. Not the least valuable feature of the book consists in the references to the literature of the subject which are added to each chapter. Professor Jodl defines psychology as " the science of the forms and laws of the " normal processes of the phenomena of consciousness which in the animal organ-
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