Catalogues of field Population II stars

A. Bartkevičius
1994 Open Astronomy  
During the last two decades, thirteen catalogues of various groups of the field Population II and the old disk stars and their parameters have been compiled. Among these, the catalogues of metal-deficient giants, RHB, CH, UU Herculis-type stars, Population II binaries, as well as the catalogues of mean values of [Fe/H], T e , log gì and trigonometric parallaxes of Population II stars should be mentioned. Using various population separation criteria, a preliminary version of the General
more » ... he General Catalogue of Population II stars has been also compiled. The catalogues will serve in establishing a data base for Population II stars. Most of the catalogues are prepared in a machine-readable form. Some of them are transferred to the world astronomical data centers. In this paper, the criteria of selection of Population II stars are described, and a list of catalogues and their short description are presented.
doi:10.1515/astro-1994-1-207 fatcat:dj7pj57ttnbkdjejzwkeab77w4