The Asymptomatic Infection of COVID-19 Risen in Imported Population in Shenzhen, China [post]

Mu-Xin Chen, Lin Ai, Da-Na Huang, Tie-Jian Feng, Jia-Xu Chen, Shu-Jiang Mei, Ya-Lan Huang, Ying Sun, Jun Meng, Gai-Ge Yang, Ling-Hong Xiong, Xiao-Min Zhang (+4 others)
2020 unpublished
Background As of July 24 2020, the global reported number of COVID-19 cases was > 15.4 millions, with over 640,000 deaths. The present study aimed to carry out an epidemiological analysis of confirmed cases and asymptomatic infections in Shenzhen City to provide scientific reference for the prevention and control of COVID-19. Methods The epidemiological information of the 462 confirmed cases and 45 asymptomatic infections from January 19th to June 30th was collected in Shenzhen City, Southern
more » ... en City, Southern China, and a descriptive analysis was performed. Results A total of 462 confirmed COVID-19 cases from January 19 to April 30, 2020 were reported in Shenzhen City, including 423 domestic cases (91.56%) and 39 imported cases (8.44%) who came back from other countries. Among domestic cases, the majority were cases imported from Hubei Province (n = 312, 67.53%), followed by local ones (n = 69, 14.94%). During the same period, a total of 45 asymptomatic infections were reported in Shenzhen City, including 31 local ones (68.89%) and 14 imported from abroad (31.11%). The proportion of asymptomatic infections in Shenzhen City was increasing over time (Z = 13.1888, P < 0.0001). The total number of local asymptomatic infections in Shenzhen City exceeded as the same pattern as that in other provinces (χ2 = 118.830, P < 0.0001). The proportion of asymptomatic infections among cases imported from abroad was higher than that of the same in domestic cases (χ2 = 22.5121, P < 0.0001, OR = 4.8983, 95%: 2.4052, 9.9756). No statistical significance was noted in the proportions of asymptomatic infections among imported cases from different countries (χ2 = 7.7202, P = 0.6561). Conclusions The majority of COVID-19 cases in Shenzhen City were imported cases who came back from Hubei Province in the early stage (before 1st March, 2020) and from abroad in the later stage (after 1st April, 2020). Scientific and effective prevention and control measures have resulted in only a few local infections in Shenzhen City. Asymptomatic infections accounted for an increasing proportion among cases imported from abroad, indicating that the prevention measures carried out in Shenzhen City did avoid the import of infected cases. Improving the detection capability to identify asymptomatic infections as early as possible will be of significance for the control outbreak of COVID-19.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:ccd2w2e2mncsxc4hxijh6x2lku